Winter is coming.  As summer draws to an end and the harvest is gathered, we begin planning for winter which represents a time when food is scarce or when one has to rely on what has been placed in the storehouse.  Here at TCRC (Tanner Community Resource Center), we know that for many families in our community, food scarcity is a reality throughout the year.   That is why we have made it our mission at TCRC to be that storehouse with open doors all year round.


Winter is coming.  It is now time for us to replenish our storehouse and we are asking you to help us accomplish that.  We are asking all of our friends and community leaders to make a donation that will be used to restock the shelves and enable us to continue feeding the hungry in Prince George’s County.  We are hoping to raise $5000 during our fall Winter is Coming drive.


The Tanner Community Resource Center is a non-profit organization devoted to providing area residents dignified access to nutritious, supplemental and emergency groceries — free of charge.  We collaborate with departments of social services, St. Paul United Methodist Church, businesses, non-profits, and other stakeholders to identify those in need.


We also sponsor Holiday Sharing Programs for Thanksgiving and Christmas, providing turkeys and all the trimmings for holiday meals. 

TCRC also provides clothing, books, and small household goods to those who need them. All clothing and small goods are donated and provided without cost to recipients. 


Before winter arrives, please making a donation of any amount that you can to help TCRC continue .  Visit our website for news of upcoming events and opportunities to serve.


Gratefully yours,


Wallace O.  Stephens. President

TCRC Board of Directors